Currently Inspired By: Chesterfield Sofas

In alexander wang, chesterfiled, ny mag on May 12, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Images 1.: Alexander Wang‘s Studio-credit to original photographer, Images 2,3,5,7 Unknown Credit to Original Photographer, 4-Lilli Diallo, 6. Zara Home catalog, 8. Photo: Dean Kaufman, NY Magazine

I never thought I was a huge fan of the Chesterfield. A little too stuffy. But as I was flipping through the current New York magazine, an image caught my eye. It was David Alahdeff‘s ecclectic living room with a hunter green Chesterfield.(Be sure to check out the rest of his space) I then flipped through all my images and noticed that many of the rooms contained a Chesterfield, so I must gravitate to them unknowingly. What I then realized is that in all the images, the stuffiness associated with a Chester is offset by an ecclectic, bohemian, relaxed vibe..more my stye indeed.


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