Chanel Nail Colour

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2009 at 8:01 pm

Fall's Hit-JadeI must admit that the minute I hear  the word Limited Edition when it comes to shopping, I want that coveted something even more.  One of the most usual suspects of the Limited Edition marketing ploy is Chanel Nail Polish. It started with Vamp, then Black Satin, then Blue Satin, etc. However it was Winter’s Jade that really raised the stakes for the price people will pay for a bottle of nail polish. I recently saw a bottle selling on Ebay for well over $100. So I missed out on that one, yet I recently purchased Trapeze-another LE polish. It a beautiful metallic taupe that I can’t wait to wear. Word on the runway is that  Particuliere, a taupey, purpley, gray will be the hottest shade for Spring 2010.

Holiday's Hit-Trapeze

Spring's Particuliere

  1. And let’s not forget Limited Edition Halvah

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