Gift Wrap and Present Toppers

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Stylecourt Wrapped Gift

I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I usually choose wrapping paper that doesn’t scream Christmas or Hanukah. I like to choose off-beat colors like lime green or magenta that look festive but not holiday-ish. I keep the wrapping simple( brown kraft paper, nice satin ribbon in a fun color, and a simple gift tag or sticker) and my absolute favorite part about wrapping is choosing a present topper-a small gift or two tucked into the bow of the present. Really a present topper can be anything-I’ve used bubbles and rubiks cubes in the past. I choose things that are colorful,have some sort of use and something that looks like it’s only for kids only, but adults will appreciate too. Here are some of my picks for creative present toppers.

Silly Key Chains


Little toys or knick-knacks make great present toppers. Oriental Trading is a goldmine for this kind of stuff.  I like key chains because  they loop right in the bow.

Lego Erasers


Erasers ,a stash of colored pencils, or a pack of stickers  also look great on top of a present. These erasers are from Lego.

Giant Pixi Stix


Candy is also a great present topper. A grouping of Pixi Stix or Lollipops add a punch of color. Check out Dylan’s Candy Bar for more fun candy choices.

Glitter Ornament


For a more traditional present topper, ornaments are a good choice. There are so many to choose from. I like the assortment  currently at Anthropologie.

Simple Kraft Paper Tags

Chartreuse Satin Ribbon


One of the best sources for gift wrap is Paper Source. I love the assortment of good quality ribbon and gift tags. The website also has HOW TOs for bows and wrapping.


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