Cartier and America-San Francisco

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Cartier's Tutti Frutti Necklace

I’m heading up to SF for a day and half before we leave on our trip. I would love to visit the Legion of Honor and  become hypnotized and bedazzled by some of the most exquisite pieces of Cartier Jewelry. The 300 piece collection  exemplifies Cartier’s reign as the expert joailliere during the 20th Century and many of the pieces included were once owned by some of the wealthiest and stylish American women-Gloria Swanson, Grace Kelley, and Elizabeth Taylor. Happy 100th Birthday, Cartier. Exhibition runs until April 18, 2010.


A BIb Necklace from 1947-Breathtaking!

  1. […] back, I posted about the Cartier exhibit currently at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco( read it here). Over the weekend, I finally made it up there to take in the gems and history in person. It was […]

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