The Home of Judy and Jane Aldridge

In gryphon, inspiration, seaofshoes, teen vogue, vogue on January 11, 2010 at 10:00 am

Jane wearing the Aldridge Trench as seen in Teen Vogue

Mother and daughter, Judy and Jane Aldridge author very successful blogs.  Judy’s blog is Atlantis Home , and Jane’s wildly popular blog is seaofshoes . Love, love, love Sea of Shoes! They have had a fairy tale year-attending the Crillion Ball in Paris, being featured in Vogue and Teen Vogue, and collaborating with Gryphon to create the Aldridge trench (pictured above). Lucky ladies, indeed! I was browsing Judy’s blog the other day and came across some images of their home. All I can say is that their heightened sense of style is not relegated to only their fashion choices.  Their home is equally stylish, chic, and vintage-just like the outfits they dream up. I would love to see more shots of the Aldridge pad.

All Photos by Judy Aldridge

  1. Isn’t Jane just the most darling girl on earth! She’s so young and yet has such innate style—it kills me! Of course they would have a fantastically decorated home…OF COURSE. LOVE!
    XX Kate

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