Marchesa Casati

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Portrait by Augustus John

A recently published book has piqued my curiousity about the infamous Marchesa Casati. Marchesa Casati was Europe’s wild, bizarre, socialite during the twenties and thirties. She was most well known for wearing live snakes around her neck and walking her pet cheetahs with diamond studded collars among other eccentricities. She famously quoted that she “wants to be a living work of art.” And she did just that-posing for famous artists and later on, becoming a muse to fashion designers, most notably Coco Chanel. Many contemporary designers have been greatly inspired by  Casati’s wild ways, and the haute couture fashion label, Marchesa, is named after her. Portrait of a Muse is a visual biography of Casati’s life while Infinite Variety is a more tradtional biography. Marchesa Casati  reached the status as one of the most artistically  influential women in history and I think it would be lots of fun and extremely interesting to read about such a vibrant life. You can learn more about the Marchesa here.

Portrait of a Muse

Infinite Variety

  1. Sounds fascinating. Thanks for the tip. I may pick up this bio.

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