Decorate Like A Rolling Stone

In boho chic, gypset, inspiration on January 19, 2010 at 8:00 am

From Grazia Magazine-Richards in her NY apartment

One of my favorite blogs-R Du Jour recently posted an old article of Alexandra Richard’s (daughter of Keith) lovely apartment. I immediately fell in love with her relaxed sense of style full of vibrant colors and and of course, that boho-rocker chic look that only the offspring of a rock legend and model can pull off.

I love that mess of a chandelier

So her interior inspired me to find images of that other Rolling Stones daughter-Jade Jagger. Quite possibly the reigning queen of  all hippie deluxe, super relaxed, living by the beach, barefoot cool. Again, a relaxed sense of style, vibrant colors, and effortless chic. They both have a great sense of style!

Love the butterflies-I beleive this is her London flat

Jade's Guest House Teepee in Ibiza

Her Boudoir and DJ Station

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