Domino’s Darling

In domino, melanie acevedo, photography on January 22, 2010 at 3:00 am

Photo by Melanie Acevedo

I adore this photo! Rather, I adore all of Melanie Acevedo’s work.Melanie was a regular Domino contributor among other well known publications. She also has a pretty solid client list.  If you check out her website, you will realize that she has probably photographed one or two of your favorite interiors also-(Jenna Lyon’s house, anyone?)  What I truly love about this particular photo are the vampy tulips and that firefly/insect clutch. I love the color combination and the calculated “mess” of objects-I feel as if they really tell a story about the owner-dark, mysterious, busy, well-read.I also adore the photo below-again, I love the colors (brighter here) and the mix of patterns. I’ve had this picture  in my file for a long time and look at it quite often. I’m glad I can finally give credit where credit is due.

Photo by Melanie Acevedo

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  1. Love her work! I just looked through her portfolio and recognized most of the interiors, I just didn’t know who shot them. Thanks for sharing!

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