Spotlight on: Massimo Vitali

In inspiration, photography on January 26, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Lately, I’ve been loving the work of Massimo Vitali. He is an Italian born photographer most well-known for large-scale photographs that ” illuminate the apotheosis of the herd” To the innocent eye, his photographs depict people at play and masses at leisure. Yet they are far more politically charged than that.   According to Vitali, they depict ” a sanitized, complacent view of Italian normalcies” while also revealing ” its cosmetic fakery, sexual innuendo, comodified leisure, deluded sense of affluence, and rigid conformism.” Regardless, they are beautiful to look at.  I’m drawn to the colors and the sense of being on vacation. You can learn more about Vitali  and view his portfolio here.

Prints of Vitali’s work are available at artcycle.

All Images are the property of Massimo Vitali

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  1. I love the third one, haha.

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