Flower Arranging

In flowers, hoot and heart on February 5, 2010 at 7:55 am

My Tussie Mussie

We each made a Tussie Mussie-mine has Anemones, Ranunculus, Ivy and Rose and Mint Scented Geranium Leaves

Last night, a group of friends and I attended a flower arranging course at my favorite florist-Hoot and Heart.  Their arrangements tend to be more organic and free flowing, rather than formulaic and rigid.  It was a great night-we came home with a beautiful arrangemet and learned the tricks of the trade. The storefront is absolutely delightful-it is such a happy place to spend time.

My Arrangement

My arrangement consists of:

Rose and Mint Scented Geranium Leaves-I never knew they were so many varieties!

White and Green Ivy-picked from the owners’ backyard

Yves Piaget Roses-also from the owners’ backyard! They are the full bodied roses that resemble Peonies. I learned that each flower has about 95 petals.

Smaller Sprays of Roses, a few Ranunculus, and blackberry  stems are also tucked in.

It was so interesting to learn all about the flowers and the great thing about the arrangements are they are so fragrant because of the geranium leaves.

The Interior of the Store wih buckets and buckets of flowers

Hoot and Heart Vessels

The owners created the molds for these ceramic vases-they are glazed in the most unbelievable shade of teal/turquoise I have ever seen.A Vignette of Citrus Fruits Displayed with African Blue Basil.

I like the imperfections of these arrangements -with something unexpected tucked in here or there. I love the mix of herbs and flowers-something Hoot and Heart does a lot.

We had such a fun time learning the tricks to flower arranging. Can’t wait to keep practicing!

Hoot and Heart


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