Spotlight on: The Twombly Family

In art, boho chic, cy twombly, italian on February 19, 2010 at 11:39 pm

Painting by Cy Twombly

I have always loved the work of American Artist-Cy Twombly. He is most well-known for his large-scale scribble, calligraphic works that are somewhere between a painting and a drawing.  I also found out he shares the same birthday as I do! His son, Alessandro is also an artist. He is most well-known for his brighter works, primarily flowers. Alessandro is married to Argentinian designer, Soledad and they live with their family outside of Rome in a gorgeous, boho-chic farmhouse. Soledad is a  designer and her name pops up frequently on many best dressed lists. Her atelier in Rome is to die for!

Paintings by Alessandro Twombly

All Images of the Twombly Farmhouse from Elle Decor

Soledad's Atelier in Rome

Cy lived in Rome during the sixties, and Alessandro’s mother still lives there. Below is a  picture from Vogue 1966 of Cy’s Roman Palazzo. It is so beautiful and I love the juxtaposition of the abstract art and the classical furnishings. It is almost shocking that this picture is from the Sixties. It looks like it could have been ripped out of a current Elle Decor. Simply beautiful!

Like the Missonis (posted here) I love the creativeness that runs through the family lineage. It is so inspiring.

  1. Wow, very cool post! I love how red is a recurrent bold accent color. I will definitely be checking out Alessandro’s work, those flower paintings are goregous.
    Thanks for always posting inspiring images of interior spaces. I am crazy about furniture and interior design.

  2. […] Row: Right: Joan Mitchell Middle: Cy Twombly Left: Elliott […]

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