Words to Live By-Matthew Williamson

In boho chic, Matthew Williamson on March 8, 2010 at 10:58 pm

I love the mix of color, pattern, boldness, hard surfaces, and soft.

Stylish Bird did a great post linking Oscar 2010 fashion  and the designer Matthew Williamson. She featured pictures of his eclectic, bohemian home along with images of what he does best-heavily patterned, beautiful dresses. Read the post here. On one page he was quoted saying this:

“Nothing is static and forever. I’ll go home at night and move stuff around-angle a sofa, put a picture on the floor, try out mini installations. I treat each room like a theater set. On one hand I’m a magpie who craves shine and glitter. But I’m also quite ordered: I want a system. My sofa cushions might be decorative but there can only be four at a time.”

I can’t think of a better quote that sums up the way I respond to design-fluid, effortless, experimental, eclectic. Matthew Williamson is a boho after my own heart.

  1. such a cool quote! i find that my design sensibilities are constantly changing so it’s nice to hear someone else take the words right out of my mouth! thank you so much for commenting on my blog; i’m happy i found yours too!

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