I ♡ Her Style: Amanda Brooks

In Amanda Brooks, boho chic on March 11, 2010 at 9:20 pm

I love her shorter hair in this picture from J. Crew

It seems that every website I’m visiting lately has featured Amanda Cutter Brooks. Read about her fashion influences and inspiration here and how she travels here. Well, needless to say, the girl’s got style. She recently wrote her first book: I ♥ Your Style, which is a guide to  defining personal style. She  and I share a similar sensibility when it comes to fashion-she likes basics with a twist (sequins, bright colors, or as she says: a touch of tackiness or irony)

Image from 1st Dibs

Amanda in Tuleh, where she used to be the Creative Director

Remember this image from Vogue:Houses, Gardens, People? Amanda is like a living doll in her bold and bright New York loft. It is evident that Amanda is not afraid to take style risks, in both her wardrobe and her home.


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