Ideas for the Foot of the Bed

In boho chic, boho luxe, istanbul, suzani on March 30, 2010 at 7:45 am

The other day, a friend had asked my opinion of my top 3 Suzanis to use at the foot of her bed. I love suzanis. I love the global appeal, the vibrant colors, and the interesting patterns. However, I feel like they have become slightly overused. It got me thinking-what else would add color, interest, and a sense of worldliness to an otherwise simple, white bed.  I guess I’m more drawn to the graphic patterns rather than the swirls and florals that dominate suzanis. Here are my choices…

African Print Sarong Towel available through Steven Alan

I use one of these at the foot of my bed.

Bolivian Aguayos-available at Laviva Home (one of the coolest stores out there)

These are the same blankets that I posted here.

Navajo Chief Blanket-available at Navajo Textiles (this store is an amazing resource for these types of blankets)

Turkish Hammam Towels

Here is a shot of Abdulla at the Grand Bazaar from my recent trip to Istanbul

But here is my pick for one of my favorites-available from Uzbek-Craft

And here is a shot of me choosing a  Suzani from the Grand Bazaar.

  1. I love those Bolivian blankets from Laviva. I’ve never thought about putting one at the foot of the bed but they are perfect for it. Also, super jealous you have been to the grand bazaar. How amazing was that?

  2. Wonder if the Bolivian Blankets would be a bit too heavy or rough-but love them anyway. The Bazaar was amazing-overwhelming but amazine-I felt I barely scratched the surface.

  3. I love your ideas, so eclectic and cosmopolitan, so chic. I have become obsessed with Fouta towels, which I can’t wait to display in my bathroom and use as well. Great post!

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