Moroccan Wedding Blankets

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Moroccan Wedding Blankets have often been blogged about, and for good reasons they are simply gorgeous.  The blankets or handira are hand-loomed from sheep’s wool and cotton in small villages throughout Morocco.  Prospective brides and relatives sew by hand each sequin. The blankets are said to protect the user from the evil eye.

A Suite at the Parker Palm Springs by Jonathan Adler

Kate Hudson’s bedroom designed by Roman Williams

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

A beautiful example from L’Aviva Home

Maryam from My Marakesh also sells beautiful wedding blankets through her blog.

  1. I want to go there to buy one myself! Someday… We were considering Morocco for a honeymoon, but I think it may be a bit hectic for what we have in mind. I’m dying to visit the markets in Fez and Marrakech though and pick up a wedding blanket!

    • I am dying to go to Morocco and go shop in the bazaars/markets! You will have such a good time in Buenos Aires-another place on my list! xoxo

  2. […] And how did I miss this beautiful example of a Moroccan Wedding Blanket? (click here) […]

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