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Going Green(Beauty Edition): A Neophyte’s Guide

In inspiration on July 20, 2012 at 3:42 pm

First-it has been over a year since I’ve last blogged. I became disenchanted with the world of interior design and I felt the online presence of style and design has become a. unoriginal b. uninspiring and c. over saturated. So I stepped away.

Nothing has compelled or inspired me to resurrect Style Curator until now.

In recent months, I have discovered the world of non-toxic, organic, clean, green beauty products. It all started right before Memorial Day when I went to visit  my esthetician. She said my orangey-colored makeup did not look good on me and that I should try this. She was pointing to a display of beautifully packaged cream color pots. Enter RMS beauty. I took some home, and have used them ever since-givng away my beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, my multiple Nars multiples, and my beautifully packaged Chanel bronzer (culprit of said orangey skin!)

As I was researching the goodness and pureness behind RMS beauty, I, of course, learned of the vast world of green skincare and makeup. If you thought the mainstream cosmetic industry was overwhelming, try navigating the world of why  non nano micronized particles are bad for you, why coconut argan, and barbery fig seed oils are good for you, and why words like phthalates, parabens, and diethanolamine are part of a list called the Dirty Dozen!  It’s a complicated world, I tell you-the world of green cosmetics.

So, I am thankful for the industry insiders who have done the dirty work for us and I decided to bring what I’ve learned to my small audience here on Style Curator.

Start by reading this:

No More Dirty Looks-a disturbing yet important guide to the chemicals and hazards used in our cosmetics and skincare.

spend some time on this site:

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database – loaded with information. A little overwhelming but you learn a lot! Pay close attention to their information on sunscreen!

Shop Here:

Spirit Beauty Lounge– I think I receive a package from them daily. A well edited e-tailer of the best in natural beauty.

Learn from the Pros

Christy Coleman, Katey Denno, and Jessa Blades are high profile make up artists that refuse to sacrifice luxury and style while using natural products.

Other Blogs: mainly cosmetics and skincare, but some focus on all around health and wellness.

Clean Beauty Blog

No More Dirty Looks

Green Beauty Team

Well and Good NYC

The Chalkboard

The Local Rose

Companies and Products I use and recommend (as seen pictured above)

Tata Harper: I use they eye cream, cleansers, facial spray, and masks

RMS Beauty: pretty much most of my makeup is now RMS with the exception of bronzer (Dr Hauschka), eyeliner (haven’t made the switch, and mascara( haven’t made the switch). I use Un-Cover Up, Cream Eyeshadows, Living Luminizer, and Lip 2 Cheek.

W3ll People-(started by a former Nars makeup artist!)  I love the Universalist #1 and Nudist Lip Shine # 8

Kahina Giving Beauty– Argan Oil, Eye Serum, Antioxidant Mask, Toning Spray. My dermatologist uses these products in her office!

Rodin Olio Lusso– a beauty insider favorite-I love this at night.

May Lindstrom-her youth dew is a new addition that I love. And my next purchase will be The Problem Solver.

Brad Skincare– it might not be the most “clean” of the bunch but I really like it so far. I use the Ultra Peel and the Essential Hydrating Elixir

Pratima Skincare: Her sunscreen with non nano micronized zinc oxide is lovely!

Soapwalla– Deodorant. This was by far the hardest product to switch over to green. But it really works!

My next purchases will be:

La Bella Figura– Decoveurte Under Eye repair Serum- it is rare that a company’s stand out product is an eye cream. I’ve heard only rave reviews!

Marie Veronique Organics– I’d like to try her tinted sunscreen, It has also has great reviews.

Other things I’m working on for my skin, health and wellness. (Before you know it, I will either a. be concocting my own skincare products in my kitchen or b. selling smoothies on the street!)

Ive been reading a lot of Kimberly Snyder lately and I have been drinking a green smoothie every morning!

I also have been incorporating a vitamin/supplement regimen(this is a whole other beast. But simplified I take a probiotic, Omega 3-6-7-9 blend, a multi, extra calcium and Vitamin D) and have been trying to eat more skin super foods too.

Also drink lots of water and exercise 4-5 times a week!

I think these Doctors also have some really important things to say: Dr Oz, Dr. Weil, and Dr. Perricone.

Ok-I feel like Gwyneth-I’ll stop now!




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Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 2.00.54 PM

Birthday Wishlist-Help Me Decide!!

In inspiration on April 3, 2010 at 11:34 am

As my birthday approaches in a few weeks, I am trying to decide what I want. I really want a tan purse-so the question is do I go with the classic Chanel Tote or the edgier Proenza Schouler PS1-quite possibly a new classic? Thoughts?

Proenza Schouler PS1-I think this will be a new classic. I need to make sure I like the style.

Chanel Classic Cerf Tote

I almost bought this once-and I regret not doing so. At the time, I thought it was a bit too classic, but it is a forever piece.

Leopard Print in Blue

In inspiration, leopard print, wallpaper on March 25, 2010 at 8:04 am

Leopard Print is one of those patterns that can quickly become tacky if over done. A little goes a long way, especially if the print is blue leopard.  I found a few tasteful objects in blue leopard.

A Powder Room or Closet would look stunning in this Leopard Print Wallpaper

Available at Walnut Wallpaper

Diane Von Furstenberg Leopard String Bikini

Available at Net-A-Porter

Alexander McQueen Scarf

Available at Saks

Acne’s Chiffon Leopard Sheath

Available  at Acne

These are all bold statement-making looks.  The key is to keep accessories simple and classic.

Spotlight on: Anne Sisteron Fine Jewelry

In Anne Sisteron, inspiration, Jewelry, pyrite jewelry on March 22, 2010 at 7:45 am

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly chic and talented Anne Sisteron, owner of her eponymous jewelry collection. I actually met Anne years ago when I was her son’s teacher and had always been a fan of her jewelry and her classic, chic European style. We ran into each other recently and I asked if she would be the subject of my very first Style Curator interview. She obliged and I’m so excited to share with you her beautiful jewelry collection.

Anne was born in Paris and raised in Denmark. She is a former model and now is the mother of two teenage sons in Beverly Hills. Her darling atelier is nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills on Canon Drive and is a favorite meeting spot  for celebrities, stylists, and L.A.’s most prominent philanthropic ladies.

The Interior of Anne Sisteron Fine Jewelery

Her collection features diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones all either designed or selected by Anne. What I love most about her collection is that she effortlessly  mixes timeless pieces ( diamond hoop earrings) with pieces that are edgier and more contemporary (currently all her pyrite pieces). This seems to translate to all aspects of Anne’s world-she is classic and timeless yet very forward thinking.

Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings

Bone Bracelet with Diamond Charms
Pyrite Linked Necklace Shown with Black Pearl and Diamond Bracelets

Anne and I had a lively discussion about design, technology, and whether or not there she should be an etiquette guide for Facebook.  I learned that Anne’s greatest inspiration is travel. While she doesn’t have an absolute favorite destination, she spends her summers in Copenhagen with her family and spends many winters hitting the slopes in the Alps.When it comes to Anne’s style philosophy- her answer was simple-beautiful style should be accessible at all price points. Anne’s collection is extremely well priced, yet  quality, detail, and design are never compromised. Anne dedicates her time to making sure her pieces meet her standards and well-trained eye.   I asked Anne what 3 pieces of jewelry every woman should own -she thought 10 was a better number- but she was able to narrow it down to: a fabulous pearl necklace (you will rarely see her without one of her own designs), chandelier earrings for dressing up or wearing casually with jeans, and a classic pair of diamond hoop earrings.

One of Anne’s Must Haves-Chandelier Earrings

It was an absolute pleasure meeting with Anne, and of course I couldn’t leave without one of her fabulous designs from her new collection. She even named the bracelet SC-for Style Curator!

The SC Bracelet-and my  new wear with everything favorite!

Anne’s Website is currently Under Construction but you can learn more about her and her company here.

All Images are the Property of Anne Sisteron Fine Jewelry

Chic Life: Maison de Vacances

In boho chic, inspiration, maison de vacances on March 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

Lately, I’ve been really drawn to a French Company,
Maison de Vacances. Designers -and husband and wife- Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac are masters at capturing the essence of boho chic. Yet of course, they do it the Parisian way which makes it that much cooler and that much chicer. The company specializes in home accessories and they are probably best known for their love pillow. Their catalog and website are full of inspiring rooms and vignettes showcasing not only their merchandise but also their personal style. From what I’ve heard, all images are of their own home in which they shuffle around light fixtures, accent furniture, and accessories while keeping the larger pieces as is. They also effortlessly mix all my current favorites-mid century, industrial lighting, great accessories and bold colors and textures. It’s a great lesson in buying what you love, investing in work-horse pieces, surrounding yourself with inspiring items, and constantly changing the smaller decorative items as you please.

Here you can see their jaw-dropping metalicized cowhide. Such a chic mix of items

Loving the Eames plywood table as a side table instead of a coffee table. And of course, the light fixture is perfect

Love the side chair, the light fixture, the bedside table and the poster on the ground seems like such a chic after thought!

The book shelves are to die for and I’ve seen the same part of their house dressed completely different. Their famous LOVE pillow.

All Images from the Maison de Vacance catalog.

**Updated: Favorite Oscar Looks**

In Fashion, inspiration on March 7, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Maggie Gyllenhal in Dries van Noten

Demi  Moore in Versace

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab

Cartier in America, Part II

In cartier, inspiration, Jewelry on February 28, 2010 at 4:50 pm

A while back, I posted about the Cartier exhibit currently at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco( read it here). Over the weekend, I finally made it up there to take in the gems and history in person. It was truly a breathtaking exhibit-the collection curated was some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen. What really stood out to me where the Mughal inspired pieces-I was drawn to any pieces that included amethyst and turquoise. Below is the best example inspired by the jewels of India.

This particular piece was commissioned for the Duchess of Windsor in 1947. 1947 Cartier Bib necklace crafted from platinum, 18-carat and 20-carat gold, a heart-shaped faceted amethyst, twenty-seven emerald-cut amethysts, an oval faceted amethyst, turquoise cabochons and baguette-cut diamonds /By Nick Welsh for the Cartier Collection © Cartier

My other favorite pieces from the collections were the exotics-Mexican actress, Maria Felix, commissioned some pretty remarkable pieces including a serpent choker consisting of over 2,000 diamonds and the Crocodile choker below-

Legend has it that the Mexican movie star Maria Felix appeared at Cartier’s rue de la Paix store with a baby crocodile   model for the necklace. The result was a dramatic, masterly creation that could be worn as two brooches or as a necklace. Each crocodile is made of articulated gold sections. One is set with 1,023 yellow diamonds and has emeralds for eyes. The other has 1,060 emeralds and ruby eyes.

Here is a picture of the actress wearing her creation:

Of course, all the pieces were stunning. What I learned that was so fascinating was that in the early years, all the jewelry was set in silver. In 1900, Cartier began setting the stones in platinum which allowed more diamonds to be compressed in the piece, which in turn, allowed him to sell more diamonds.  Cartier’s  biggest clients  dictated how the jewelry should be set according to the fashions of the time. The exhibit points out that jewelry set in gold was considered less formal (for daytime) than pieces set in platinum, until the Duchess of Windsor started wearing gold more formally.  Furthermore, many clients would constantly change the look of a piece also depending on the current fashions.  The exhibit not only highlights the gorgeous pieces owned by some of the wealthiest and fashionable ladies, but it is a real glimpse into the social history of fashion throughout the ages. It is a definite must see if you are in San Francisco!

Spotlight on:Indarica Gazzoni

In boho chic, inspiration, italian, suzani on February 17, 2010 at 10:19 pm

I was recently introduced to the work of Indarica Gazzoni when a bunch of samples arrived at work. She is an Italian artisan who specializes in handpainted wallpaper, fabrics, and floors. Her patterns are inspired by nature and old world patterns across cultures. Her website shows many images of her products installed in various houses. They are simply beautiful. Available through Harbinger.

A Handpainted Floor

A patterned floor and ceiling

A Handpainted Mural

Artful Arranging-Bookshelves

In bookshelves, eduardo garza, inspiration, Interiors, lili diallo, mecox gardens on February 6, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Bookshelf Styled by Lili Diallo

One of My Absolute Favorite Photos.

One of the harder tasks as a designer is to curate a beautiful bookshelf. There is a fine line between a cluttered bookshelf and a decorated bookshelf. There needs to be the right mix of books and decorative items. There also needs to be the right balance of heavy objects and airy objects. Here are some fail-safe items and tips to help you get started.

Eduardo Garza creates beautiful sculptures using natural elements such as stone, minerals, eggshell, and wood. I love this piece of rock crystal on a gold base. This would look fantastic on a stack of books or used as a bookend.

I love adding boxes to bookshelves.  I love this bone box-it is perfect in so many situations. I also really love malachite and lapiz.

An interesting sculpture also adds visual interest-I really like animal sculptures, abstracts, or busts.


TIP 1 – The basic rule is the rule of thirds, one third books, one third accessories, and one third empty space.

TIP 2 – Work from left to right on the first shelf and right to left on the next. This will help achieve balance.

TIP 3 – If you have high books on the left side of one shelf, you don’t want the same type of books and space on the next shelf.

TIP 4 – There is no reason to line up books like a library. Try lying a pile of books on their side and use them as a bookend or to lift up an accessory.

TIP 5 – When choosing accessories think color and texture. Some colors will better enhance your books or the room as a whole.Textures (horn, shagreen, shell, metals, etc) create interest. Also, break up collections and scatter them around the bookshelves. Also, use items that are meaningful to you.

TIP 6 – Be sure to include free space. You’ll need a place to rest the eyes. If you crowd a bookcase it’s going to look messy.

TIP 7– Take breaks. Step away from the project and return to it after some time to gather a new perspective on the space.