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Can you guess who lives here?

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If she existed, I think she would live like this-surrounded by beautiful, classic expensive things, yet always ready to disappear.


A Single Man-Visual Brilliance

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George's House

Charly's Boudoir

I finally went to see A Single Man the other night and have certainly fallen head over heels with the eye candy Tom Ford brings to the screen. First and foremost, the houses that Colin Firth and Julianne Moore’s characters lived in almost, just almost, steal the spotlight. Then there is the cars, the wardrobe, the men, the women, and the attention to every detail that all come together to create an absolutely beautiful movie.   Tom Ford’s creative direction is noticed in every aspect of the movie and the movie is worth seeing for the visual brilliance Ford delivers.

*When I went home, I found out that the Production Design Team is the group behind Madmen. Both houses are in the Pasadena area and Firth’s character’s house was designed by the famed architect, John Lautner.  As a Santa Monica local it was fun to see Chez Jay featured as his neighborhood bar.

Tory Burch-Inspiration Board

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I love this collage from Tory Burch‘s South African  Inspiration for her Resort Collection. The colors and necklaces are so brilliant and bold.   Iris Apfel (top right) definintely made bold fashion choices and was way beyond her time-truly an inspiration and stylesetter.

Fenton Fallon for J Crew

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I’m loving the new arrivals on J. Crew’s website. This season,  J.Crew continues their collaborations with unique designers to create special pieces specifically for them. What really caught my eye was the Carrington Crystal Bow Necklace designed by Dana Lorenz-creator of Fenton Fallon Jewelry. When I checked out her website, I was truly blown away by her pieces. Dana  describes her pieces as ” strong statements that are graphic, bold, and have a young, rebellious style.”  Could not have said it any better. Check out the necklace below.


Serena and Lily

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Serena and Lily Bedding

Today I received the Serena and Lily catalog. I had always thought that the company was all for baby and kid rooms. While a lot of the items are geared toward kids’ rooms, there are a few things that would work for adults. The bedding seems to be inspired by John Robshaw and the furnishings have a very eclectic feel to them. I also love the Bazaar section with one of a kind finds from the owners’ travels.  Below are some of my favorites.

Funky Floral Nesting Tables

A Great Pillow for Sofas or Beds

Istanbul Day Two

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Beads at the Grand Bazaar

We started the day strolling through the Grand Bazaar. Sensory Overload! I came back with typical first trip purchases-Hamam towels, olive oil soaps, Copper Hamam Bowls, and a few treats from the Spice Bazaar.

Blankets at Abdulla

Checking out the beautiful Suzanis

We then walked through the Spice Bazaar which was fun and not as overwhelming. All the vendors seem to have fun with the bargaining and it is all fun and games.

We ended the afternoon eating at Mangerie -a hidden restaurant full of the chicest Istanbulites. We then came back to Nisantasi and browsed through Beyman’s Department Store-the Turkish  equivalent to Barneys.  It was a great shopping day mixing high and low.


Istanbul Day One

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Circumcision Room at Tokapi Palace

We got an early start this morning and were able to see all the “Must Sees”  Above is the Circumcision Room at Tokapi Palace. Most rooms are ornately decorated with the traditional Iznik Tiles. Absolutely beautiful. The jewels (especially the 86 carat Spoonmaker’s Diamond-the third largest in the world) were stunning.  Also went to Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and the Bascilica Cistern. We also heard mid morning prayer service and ate some of the best meatballs on the planet.  Some favorite “atmosphere” photos below.

The Columns in the Cistern

The famous Medusa Head in the Cistern

Close Up of Iznik Tiles

Off to Istanbul Modern and tomorrow we brave the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar.

What I’m Reading-Blog Edition

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I have been reading many blogs for a few years now. Here are my absolute favorites that I check daily.

I love Habitually Chic edited by Heather Clawson. She and I share a similar aesthetic and I find her to be an inspiration for my blog as well. It is well edited, relevant to her interests, and very informative.

I also love Dress Design Decor run by Daniella. The photographs she chooses are beautiful and inspiring.

Style Court edited by Courtney Barnes was the first blog I ever started reading. It continues to be a daily mainstay. StyleCourt is so informative, creative, and interesting to read.

Philip Lim-My New Favorite Purchase

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Every few years, I stumble upon a dress that takes me through the current season and beyond. A few years back it was my M Missoni that I’ve worn to death and still absolutely adore. My new fave is this beauty from3.1 Philip Lim.

I’ve already worn it a few times and I’m planning on wearing it New Year’s Eve in Tel Aviv.  It feels a little Stevie-Nicks-ish with its batwing sleeves but the jewelled bib collar is so beautiful and I envision wearing it during all seasons. It is the perfect example of my cost per wear shopping strategy (that truly is just a ploy to make me feel better about expensive purchases, but I stick to it and have even convinced friends and family that it works.) The strategy is simple-only buy expensive purchases if you can get a lot of wear out of it. I’ve bought rather pricey dresses and have only worn them once (not very cost effective), but I have no problem spending a little more if I know I can wear it over and over again. Wear a $1000 dress ten times and it becomes a very cost-effective purchase!

PS-It was on sale and in my size-another shopping strategy I stick to-The “It’s On Sale and My Size is the Only Left-It was meant to be!” strategy.

The City Assistant-An Introduction

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I would like to introduce The City Assistant-a collection of refined resources. The City Assistant is a members only directory that provides  top shelf recommendations for household maintenance, daily errands, and specialty services . The City Assistant sets itself apart from other online directories by focusing on details that are important when you live in a city or when you need to find essential information elsewhere, yet you don’t have time to source it yourself. The City Assistant is a comprehensive yet selective directory of services, places, and experts that meet our highest standards of style and sophistication.  At The City Assistant you will find the best florist to the best hardware store, and everything in between.  Launching in 2010.