Going Green(Beauty Edition): A Neophyte’s Guide

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First-it has been over a year since I’ve last blogged. I became disenchanted with the world of interior design and I felt the online presence of style and design has become a. unoriginal b. uninspiring and c. over saturated. So I stepped away.

Nothing has compelled or inspired me to resurrect Style Curator until now.

In recent months, I have discovered the world of non-toxic, organic, clean, green beauty products. It all started right before Memorial Day when I went to visit  my esthetician. She said my orangey-colored makeup did not look good on me and that I should try this. She was pointing to a display of beautifully packaged cream color pots. Enter RMS beauty. I took some home, and have used them ever since-givng away my beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, my multiple Nars multiples, and my beautifully packaged Chanel bronzer (culprit of said orangey skin!)

As I was researching the goodness and pureness behind RMS beauty, I, of course, learned of the vast world of green skincare and makeup. If you thought the mainstream cosmetic industry was overwhelming, try navigating the world of why  non nano micronized particles are bad for you, why coconut argan, and barbery fig seed oils are good for you, and why words like phthalates, parabens, and diethanolamine are part of a list called the Dirty Dozen!  It’s a complicated world, I tell you-the world of green cosmetics.

So, I am thankful for the industry insiders who have done the dirty work for us and I decided to bring what I’ve learned to my small audience here on Style Curator.

Start by reading this:

No More Dirty Looks-a disturbing yet important guide to the chemicals and hazards used in our cosmetics and skincare.

spend some time on this site:

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database – loaded with information. A little overwhelming but you learn a lot! Pay close attention to their information on sunscreen!

Shop Here:

Spirit Beauty Lounge– I think I receive a package from them daily. A well edited e-tailer of the best in natural beauty.

Learn from the Pros

Christy Coleman, Katey Denno, and Jessa Blades are high profile make up artists that refuse to sacrifice luxury and style while using natural products.

Other Blogs: mainly cosmetics and skincare, but some focus on all around health and wellness.

Clean Beauty Blog

No More Dirty Looks

Green Beauty Team

Well and Good NYC

The Chalkboard

The Local Rose

Companies and Products I use and recommend (as seen pictured above)

Tata Harper: I use they eye cream, cleansers, facial spray, and masks

RMS Beauty: pretty much most of my makeup is now RMS with the exception of bronzer (Dr Hauschka), eyeliner (haven’t made the switch, and mascara( haven’t made the switch). I use Un-Cover Up, Cream Eyeshadows, Living Luminizer, and Lip 2 Cheek.

W3ll People-(started by a former Nars makeup artist!)  I love the Universalist #1 and Nudist Lip Shine # 8

Kahina Giving Beauty– Argan Oil, Eye Serum, Antioxidant Mask, Toning Spray. My dermatologist uses these products in her office!

Rodin Olio Lusso– a beauty insider favorite-I love this at night.

May Lindstrom-her youth dew is a new addition that I love. And my next purchase will be The Problem Solver.

Brad Skincare– it might not be the most “clean” of the bunch but I really like it so far. I use the Ultra Peel and the Essential Hydrating Elixir

Pratima Skincare: Her sunscreen with non nano micronized zinc oxide is lovely!

Soapwalla– Deodorant. This was by far the hardest product to switch over to green. But it really works!

My next purchases will be:

La Bella Figura– Decoveurte Under Eye repair Serum- it is rare that a company’s stand out product is an eye cream. I’ve heard only rave reviews!

Marie Veronique Organics– I’d like to try her tinted sunscreen, It has also has great reviews.

Other things I’m working on for my skin, health and wellness. (Before you know it, I will either a. be concocting my own skincare products in my kitchen or b. selling smoothies on the street!)

Ive been reading a lot of Kimberly Snyder lately and I have been drinking a green smoothie every morning!

I also have been incorporating a vitamin/supplement regimen(this is a whole other beast. But simplified I take a probiotic, Omega 3-6-7-9 blend, a multi, extra calcium and Vitamin D) and have been trying to eat more skin super foods too.

Also drink lots of water and exercise 4-5 times a week!

I think these Doctors also have some really important things to say: Dr Oz, Dr. Weil, and Dr. Perricone.

Ok-I feel like Gwyneth-I’ll stop now!




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Neutral Accents

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Lately, I’ve been really into neutral fashion accessories, especially shoes and purses. So it got me thinking about neutral accents for the home. I usually post on bright and colorful interiors, but boho-luxe can be done in earth tones also-the trick is to vary the textures of the accessories. Here I’ve compared a few accessories for the home to their closet counterpart.

I love Moroccan Poufs-they add such a fun layer to a room. This particular one in Neutral with Olive Stitching is a great accent. The leather adds an element of edge and masculinity-just like your trusty leather bomber jacket.

This striped wool pillow adds a soft touch to any room. These would look so great on a leather sofa. the wool although soft, still adds an interesting texture-this would be like a great scarf in your wardrobe.

I love these African baskets. The patterns are so intricate that they add enough pop to a room even without color.  Think of the basket as a great Bottega handbag.

Boxes are also very versatile accessories. I love anything in horn. I liken the horn boxes to a great pair of glossy neutral strappy sandals that go with everything.

These agate trays are like the jewelry of the room. A wonderful neutral with the slightest hint of color and smooth texture.