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Pippa Small-A True Bohemian Spirit

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British jewelry designer, Pippa Small exemplifies the boho-luxe lifestyle. Her jewelry is earthy, colorful, and  organic. I was playing around on Fashionair (her Style Profile is a must see) and there was a wonderful profile on Pippa and a peek inside her “nomadic tent” of a home in London. Her home, like her jewelry is inspired greatly by travel and the different cultures she comes across. In fact, Pippa is much more than a jewelry designer. She has a degree in Medical Anthropology and  continues to work with indigenous communities to promote their traditional designs and to generate funding and self-sufficiency. I love how her designs relate so closely to her home. Many times, designers’ homes are in stark contrast to  their craft, but in Pippa’s world they fuel one another. Her bohemian spirit  and love for travel make her a Style Curator favorite.

Stone Rings from her collection

I love the vibrant colors and talisman like nature of this necklace

A Shot of her foyer

Her living room-with art created by her sister. I absolutely adore the colors and patterns she uses.

Her bedroom is a bit more serene-her walls are painted a faded blue/green inspired by chalcedony-a stone she frequently uses.

Her workroom.


Spotlight on: Serge Mouille

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I love the light fixtures by Serge Mouille. He was a French silversmith most well known for his minimalistic designs painted in black. He showcased his designs at a gallery in Paris with Prouve, Perriand, Noguci, and Luce. To me, his light fixtures are as iconic as the Saarinen table or a Bertoia Chair.  Here are some of my favorite interiors using one of his designs.

Interior by David Netto

Designer: Unknown

Jenna Lyon's Bedroom

Image from Elle Decor

Interior by Lisa Becker

Robert Isabell's Private Collection

J. Crew Collection Store as seen in Lonny Mag

Gypset Style-Boho Chic

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Lately, I have been inspired greatly by the gypset lifestyle. If you are not familiar with it, read my post here on the 2009 publication by Julia Chaplin and also read my post on Boho Chic. I went through my inspiration file and picked out a few rooms that capture the essence of this boho chic look I can’t seem to shake. What they all seem to have in common are an effortless, lived in look heavy on ethnic prints and treasures collected from around the world. Many of the rooms also have modern touches that keep the rooms from looking like a Moroccan or Turkish bazaar.

Kym Canter's Living Room.I love the dark framed windows

Lydia Pearson's Living Room

Jane Mayle's Living Room. Notice the collection of textiles

A Collection of Textiles belonging to Madeline Weinrib

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs-Designed By Commune Design

Amanda Peet's Family Room as seen in Domino

A House in Silverlake designed by Commune s seen in C Magazine

As I was researching this post, I figured out that Commune Design did both the Ace Hotel and the bottom picture. I’ve decided they are my new favorite LA based designers. Their aesthetic is so inspiring to me. Please check out their website.

Currently Inspired By: Boho Chic

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Recently someone pegged my style as boho chic. While it depends on the day, the term stuck and I’ve been inspired ever since. As it translates to design and decorating, Boho Chic is about starting with elements you have and then just letting things evolve. It’s about collecting furnishings rather than buying to fill a space. It’s about effortlessly mixing modern with antiques; high with low; feminine with masculine. It’s about creating a relaxed space that looks and feels undone yet pulled together at the same time.

Images from top to bottom: unknown , unknown, inside out magazine, unknown